Lava 303
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Lava 303 - Aktuelle Gigs


Live Video

Shut Up & Dance


August 2016

Shut Up & Dance
@ Crystallin Compilation 2


Juli 2016

Maly Macht Musik

CD Out Now
New Music Project by Conni Maly aka Lava 303

August 2015

Lava 303 Video
Save my Bulli


June 2015

Lava 303 New Track
Shut Up and Dance


Dezember 2014

Save The Vjosa
Lava 303 feat. The Blue Heart of Europe, Soundcloud


Oktober 2014

Kaischlabuam RMX (Bandcamp)
Swing & Trad. Band, Remixed by Lava 303


Lava 303 Live On You Tube


Save the Vjosa
(Video, You Tube,
Lava 303 feat. Blue Heart of Europe


Lover 303 "Chill Out" EP
Groovy Chill & Lounge Music
with Mani Neumeier, Member and Conni/Lava 303


My Label Homepage
Playground Productions

From Psyrock to Kraut to Singer / Songwriter Music

Lava 303 Songs

Collection of Lava 303 Songs 2006-2013


Lover 303 Video Releases

Alien Revolution Lover 303
La Gomera

My Mother in Space Lover 303
Rugova /Kosovo


My new Homepage



New Lover 303 Album
" Alien Revolution"




Lava 303 Fine Selection
Chill & Dance Compilation 2003-2013
Crystallin Music


Goddess Rules Remix Compilation

Listen to the Tracks/Reinhören

Full Digital Release & Dance Edition
Geomagnetic/ Power House Records


Lava 303 Band Project

Goddess Rules Tour
Burg Herzberg Festival Juli 2012


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