Lava 303´s new album „Wunderfull electrowoman“ is going beyond the genre of trance and dance music. A colourful mix of dance music produced for party, protest and activism...

Aside Lava303's typical Psyrock mixing Groovebox, Electroguitar and spoken words,she also started to experiment with Microkorg, Vst Instruments, Xylophone and Livepercussions and recorded her own words, which contributes a quite personal touch of electropop to the album.

The album is not only a soloproject but featuring sideprojects&guests such as Der Berg groovt (Ambientproject), Jet Moon (Party & politics), The Slags (Rockband goes Danceremix!), Mani Neumeier (Guru Guru), Wurzelzwerge (Noguitar-Track!), Balkanmusic ect....

The CD comes along with a beautyfull 32 (!) pages booklet full of stories&pictures, which makes it worth to order an original at
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Listen to ...


Frankfurt am Meer (song for free)

Ich lieb dich von fern



Dancing (

Wurzelzwerge (feat. Jennifer Horbert)


Everything´s about politics (feat. Jet Moon)

Deportation Boogie ( real story remix)


(drugs ´n sex´n feminism)



(Crossing Bridges)

Plemetina traditional roma



Der Berg groovt und Urs

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"After a break of more than four years, Constanze (Conni) Maly aka Lava 303 returns to bring the acid back into our lifes and to be honest, i missed her already.

This release has, as every of her releases, a mission far beyond just psychedelic trance. Her style is more than unique and she is far beyond all comparison. If you know her, you know about the guitar sounds, the pumping beats from the good old 303 and her way, to bring also some political statements into the sound, gladly not only in German language.

But this album is a bit different than the previous releases, sure you find all what you expect but something new happens in the world of Lava 303. Additional to her definition of acid rock'n'roll, there is a new aspect in her music, something what is a bit softer than in the past. Some of the tracks are a fusion of her style and contemporary electronic stuff which I would call 303Raumwohnung as it sounds for me sometimes like a popular band from Berlin.

Great release if you like to look over the rim of a tea cup."

Releaseparty Pictures

pictures and collage by Sofija Bidarevic

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